About Us

Following its establishment in 1988, 77 Insaat developed a reputable record in a very short period of time by successfully completing contracts undertaken in various construction projects mainly in earthworks, asphalt roads, motorways, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, piling, hydraulic structures, aprons, airfield runway repairs, troop billeting, life support and accommodation camps;facilities and buildings including mainly military barracks, aviation hangars, an air operation center, waste management and various other infrastructure projects in the civil sector; as well, refinery infrastructure, surface facilities, oil well pad infrastructure works, oil well hook up piping and the installation of oil field electromechanical equipment in the oil & gas sector.

77 Insaat Co. was established in Iraq in 1998, which has developed fast and has become one of the most prestigious companies in the construction and the oil & gas sectors, having very important contributions to the reconstruction efforts of Iraq during and after the war.

Subsequent to the company’s success in Iraq, in 2009, 77 Insaat Co. was awarded its first project in Afghanistan. In a very short period of time, the company has completed more than fifteen construction projects in various types and different locations across Afghanistan.

77 Insaat has expanded to Africa with a military housing project, Bachelor Headquarters in Djibouti; as well the success of the group was appreciated by the Libya Government and international contractors in Libya.

77 Insaat motto is to achieve a permanent quality and timely completion of contracts undertaken. 77 Insaat companies have a good standing record of finished contracts with no default record.

77 Insaat has adhered to the contribution of local participation in international projects as a main principle and is open to cooperate with local and international companies in realization of construction projects worldwide