In the Gümüşova Gerede Highway from 1995 to the present day; Contractor Astaldi S.p.A. and Inspector Yüksel - Rendel; Abant intersection construction and excavation works had started then continued with the construction of Kaynaşlı Viaducts (V-l). In time, the contractors all steel assembly, concrete work, stell processing and pile production, precast products and beam production plants have been operated by 77 Construction personnel and engineers.

After the Düzce earthquake where the construction of the Gümüşova Gerede Highway have been stopped for a period of time, our company worked in the construction of Bolu Tunnel till the opening date.

After the earthquake, in the repair process of the damaged 300m long and 55m in elevation V-I viaducts, our company worked with the prime contractor FrenchFreyssinet for both assembly and repair works. Also in the inner sections V-2,V-3 ande V-4 foundation piling, foundation, silding formwork elevation, headgear beam, launching beam assembly, slab production, pedestrian, walks, culvert production, structures and post tentioned have been done and they were all finished by January 23th of 2007 the opening date of the tunnel. In the Gümüşova Gerede Highway between 1995 and 2007 as Astaldi S.P.A’s subcontractor 175,000 tonnes reinforcing steel have been assembled, around 50,000 m pretensioned beams and precast units if various size and shapes have been produced totally 800,000 m3 reinforced concrete have been placed by our company.